No doubt you are committed to ensuring a positive vibe is maintained at your wedding event. And you do not want to have to pay attention during your event to which songs are being played at what time. There is some basic planning to have with your DJ ahead of time so that you have one less thing to think about on your big day and we’ve listed some of them for you right here.

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The theme of the wedding event

Do you have a theme in mind for your wedding event or is the DJ expected to create one? While some weddings are vintage weddings, others can be rustic-barn weddings. And with mini weddings on the trend a theme may amp up the ambiance you are looking for.

First figure out the theme of the event and then the music options that go well with it. Make sure and communicate all of this to the DJ so they capture the essence perfectly.

The reception vibe

Another factor to consider when deciding what wedding songs are best for the event is the reception vibe. Is it going to be a chill afternoon garden party or a wild all-nighter?

This is important because the reception of a wedding is where most of the music and dancing happens. The style, momentum, and timing of the music can tell the guests either “we are wrapping up” or “please stay as long as you like”. Even the couple’s first dance may depend on- or draw from- the vibe of the reception. However you choose is OK, and your DJ makes the vibe you want happen!

The time the music should be played

Music is important during a wedding but, just like anything else, there are times when you may feel it is more appropriate to play it. These times include the bride’s entrance, first dance, the meal, cutting the cake, etc. That’s not all; do you want music during the signing of the registrar, before and after the event, or during the ceremony alone? Let the DJ know.

Make a comprehensive list of favorite songs

The wedding is about you and it’s for your guests too. So make a list of songs that can cater to what both parties want. Communicate with your DJ and they will help ensure there is a sync between what you and your guests like.

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