When you hear a song on the radio does it take you back to a special time in your life? A fun vacation, the first time you saw your soul mate or even a sad time in your life? Music emits emotion whether good or bad.

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Venue: Hotel Zaza Houston

When you think of the first time that your new husband or wife holds you as a married couple on the dance floor you want to remember that feeling forever. The song you choose to dance to should encompass all you are as a couple. What made you fall in love? What do you want this song to make you feel? That is for you as a couple to decide.

Pick a song that will forever remind you of the bond only the two of you share. Take time as a couple to really choose the perfect song.

Because Jonny Black Productions, your go to wedding DJ in Houston, is known for packing dance floors and creating lifelong wedding memories, we thought it would be fun to bring you some ideas on how to choose your first dance Houston wedding song:

· Decide if you want your song to be slow and intimate or fun and playful

· Pick a genre that reflects both of your tastes individually and as a couple

· Don’t overthink it. Listening to too many songs may stress you out

· Don’t let others discourage your choice. It’s “your” song so choose for you as a couple

· Pick a song that will make you feel the emotions you want to remember from your big day

Now that you have your perfect song you are ready to go out there on the dance floor and show your guests what your love as a couple means to you. Have fun and relax! This first dance will always be a cherished memory.

And in the future, when you have your dance at your 50th wedding anniversary it will be as if you are holding each other for the first time.

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