Father/Daughter Dance Song

Nothing brings tears to a man’s eyes faster than the Father/Daughter dance at his daughter’s wedding.  The moment the father looks into his little girl’s eyes the thought of giving her away is heart-wrenching.  That bond needs to be celebrated and what better way than in front of your closest friends and family at the reception. But how do you choose a song that will show that bond in a memorable way?  Here are some tips to help you decide.

Venue: Hotel Zaza


  • Consider your father’s feelings

Sit down and ask your dad what song he thinks can be “your song. “If you don’t have one already in mind listen to a few songs together and see what makes both of your hearts melt.

  • It does not have to be a current song

Maybe there is a song that you both used to dance to when you were a child.  This will make the song more meaningful for the two of you.  Making new memories while remembering old ones.

  • The song doesn’t have to necessarily be a “mushy” song

Whatever you choose, make it about the two of you.  It can reflect your relationship as a child or your relationship now as adults. Or it can be a song that meshes the two together.  It can also be a funny song that reflects your silly sides.  No choice is the wrong choice.

  • Don’t let others decide for you

There are a lot of opinions out there and you will receive many.  But this decision is one for you and your father to decide.  When you take the dance floor make sure it will be a song that will take you back to the time you want to remember as father and daughter.  It could be a day you spent together just hanging out, a memory that you have always thought of when you hear a certain song or a new song that perfectly reflects your relationship.

Choosing a song for your Father/Daughter dance does not have to be on the list of difficult decisions.  Just take some time with each other.  Maybe go out to lunch just the two of you and reflect on some old times that you have shared together and who knows the perfect song may find the two of you!

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