There is almost nothing as exciting about a wedding as the photo booth. A good set-up, amazing view, and everyone will be joining the booth queue. Treating guests to a photo booth at your wedding is a wonderful experience, so make the most of your big day by taking advantage of what a photo booth offers. Here are 4 photo booth ideas you should consider for your wedding. Each is great, so it is up to you to decide.

Photo by: The Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

Even better than a regular photo booth is a mirror photo booth. It is extravagant and more luxurious. If you want something more unique, it is an idea worth every penny. We recommend this because your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and experience and you will remember every moment.

Hanging Props from Trees

Are you considering going natural or creating that feel only found in Mother Nature but still want your photo booth? The ‘hanging props from trees’ idea delivers exactly that. People love how beautiful the background is in their one of a kind photos.

Go for the Gold

Speech bubbles, glasses, and lips on sticks, and even a small top hat and bow tie you can perch above and below your face are photo booth mainstays. But when covered in tiny flecks of gold glitter, and corralled in golden mugs, they are even more festive.

Big Chalkboard Sign Backdrop

You must have seen this in a music video or two, but it’s not limited to that medium alone. You can incorporate this into your wedding plans after speaking to the photo booth company of your choice.

While these are not the only photo booth ideas you can utilize for your wedding, they are the major ones.

Photo booths along with music are what really add life to a wedding; great music that sets the perfect mood and photos to capture the memories. Jonny Black Productions excels at both! We are quite literally the number one Company to book within the nation, and that’s no exaggeration!

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