• dj-jason-garciaJASON GARCIA
  • dj-hollywood-steveSTEVE MONTE
  • jonny-blackJONNY BLACK
  • dj-chopeEDGAR MIRANDA
  • dj-showtimeJUMA GAINES

ROCKSTAR DJs come from all walks of life! Within our team, you’ll find everything from the tattoo rocking-super hero loving-turntablist, the sunglass rocking-dog loving-FIFA champion, the police officer who DJ’d his own prom, the self-proclaimed best BBQ’er in America and last but not least, the hip-hop head tennis shoe connoisseur! Although we share a passion for music, fun and entertainment, we are all very unique. Click on the ROCKSTAR DJs above to read our biographies, learn more about each of us and decide who you want to ROCK your next party!

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